It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!

Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) System is just like your vacuum – it needs regular cleaning.

Imagine never cleaning out your vacuum – it will overheat, under-perform and smell bad or even burn out. Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) System is just the same – over time it clogs with soot and is an unavoidable regular maintenance cost on modern diesel engines.

It’s just one of those things you have to maintain or the vehicle will stop working and get REALLY expensive.

Cost to REPLACE a DPF filter?!

Anywhere from $2000 up to $7000 +gst for a new unit…

Cost to CLEAN a DPF filter?

$450 +gst (plus shipping and removal/installation costs).

BEFORE: We have a partially blocked DPF Filter after 40,000kms of city stop/start driving. If left uncleaned, it would continue to clog until the engine goes into emergency mode or worse, catches fire.

AFTER: The DPF is cleaned and ash removed from its core. Your vehicle will be able to perform its own regeneration as designed by the factory. If there are fault codes stored in its ECU, these will need to be cleared. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a DPF?

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. DPF units filter, capture and store toxic particulates being emitted from your car’s exhaust (exhaust soot).

DPF units became mandatory in 2009 when the Euro 5 exhaust emissions legislation was introduced. Aside being a legal requirement, DPF units protect the environment from harmful emissions.

A clean well maintained Diesel Particulate Filter will enable your engine to maintain optimum efficiency and performance levels.

With most vehicles the DPF warning light will illuminate to notify you that the unit is becoming blocked and requires regeneration. When conditions are met for regeneration, it will attempt to burn off the built up soot using either an active, or passive regeneration. If the regeneration is unable to occur or fails you may be treated to an additional warning light on your dash. This usually occurs when the DPF is blocked beyond the point at which a normal regeneration will clear it and indicates a garage visit is required.


How much will it cost?

There are five costs to consider with your DPF job:

  1. Removal of the DPF – ask your mechanic
  2. Courier – enquire for shipping costs
  3. Cleaning fee – $450 +gst for passenger vehicle
  4. Installation of the DPF – ask your mechanic
What's involved?
    1. Blocked DPF is removed and delivered to us at DPF Cleaner
    2. On receipt of your DPF, the DPF is inspected for internal damage and pre-clean records taken
    3. A back-pressure test is carried out to check the blockage level
    4. The DPF is then placed into a sophisticated cleaning machine and has a deep clean and drying procedure to fully remove all the soot and ash
    5. A further back pressure test is carried out to confirm flow and success of the cleaning process
    6. The DPF is re-inspected with an endoscope and post-clean photographs taken
    7. The DPF can then be refitted and all DPF data reset on a scan tool
How long will it take?

There are only a few DPF cleaning shops in New Zealand, and in most cases a mechanic will need to remove the DPF and send it to the shop. This means that while the DPF clean itself will be completed in a day, you still need to factor in the time for the removal and install as well as the courier.

What vehicles do you support?

We can clean pretty much any DPF filter for passenger and commercial vehicles. If you have something special just get in touch.

Can't I just clean the DPF myself?

There’s a few do it yourself options out there but we wouldn’t recommend it! There are many DIY ‘hacks’ and other bogus advice on the internet.

We use a special cleaning machine and environment, to avoid damage and get as good a clean as you can get, not a half-way measure.

Give us a call to have a talk about your DPF filter, we’re happy to help.

Is it legal?

We’re only cleaning your diesel particulate filter, not removing it.

Removing a diesel particulte filter is illegal in New Zealand.

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