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If you are in the Taupo region we can clean your DPF at our facility.

For other regions just use our remove-and-send service – take your vehicle to your preferred mechanic anywhere in the North or South Island and they will remove and send your DPF to us for a sparkling refresh and clean.


$450 +gst + Return cost for most cars / utes

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Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) System is just like your vacuum – it needs regular cleaning.

Imagine never cleaning out your vacuum – it will overheat, under-perform, smell bad and could even burn out!

Cleaning your DPF is an unavoidable regular maintenance cost for modern diesel engines. 

Symptoms of a blocked DPF:

  • Power loss
  • DPF Warning light on
  • Your vehicle is in limp mode
  • Frequent attempts at DPF regeneration
  • DPF regeneration is failing
  • Strong smell of diesel
  • Vehicle is smoking excessively
  • Oil level is increasing
  • High fuel consumption

BEFORE: We have a partially blocked DPF Filter after 40,000kms of city stop/start driving. If left uncleaned, it would continue to clog until the engine goes into emergency mode or worse, catches fire.

AFTER: The DPF is cleaned and ash removed from its core. Your vehicle will be able to perform its own regeneration as designed by the factory. If there are fault codes stored in its ECU, these will need to be cleared. 

How It Works 

DPF and its sensors removed then delivered to us at DPF cleaner.

Inspection, pre-clean records taken and back-pressure test carried out.

DPF cleaned by sophisticated cleaning machine.

Re-inspection, post-clean record taken and back-pressure test carried out.

DPF sent back to be refitted, rescanned and data reset.

Benefits of regular DPF maintenance:

Extend the life of your DPF and your engine


Optimise engine performance


Lower overall maintenance costs


Improve fuel economy


Increase horsepower

Supported Vehicles

We can clean pretty much any DPF filter for passenger and commercial vehicles. If you have something special just get in touch.





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